Zimbabwe’s experience with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the founder of Believers LoveWorld international. He hails from Nigeria, Africa. Chris is a minister of the Gospel. He is Spirit-filled, anointed and performs great miracles in his ministry. Oyakhilome is a healing priest, teacher of the word, best-selling author, and television host. He teaches people about the word with the manifestation of God’s presence. Chris wants to continue with his work of the Gospel for more than 30 years coming. For dedicated Christians, Chris will help in attaining gifts of the spirit, and this is one way of a true Christian to grow spiritually.

For many years now, Chris Oyakhilome is popular for holding many great and healing crusades in various parts of the world. One of his great meetings took place in Nigeria, Africa. There were more than three million people in that single night event. Pastor Chris helped these people to discover the share they have in their God. His way of teaching the word is simple and understood by the congregation at ease. His ministries are meant to build the faith of people in Christ. Chris is a humble and faithful minister of God. He is ready to serve nations all around the world. His teachings are available in both video and audio formats. Chris has made a lot of effort to ensure the Gospel reaches to all people out there. His ministry in television is another way of delivering his teachings and messages successfully. Chris is available on television stations such as LoveWorldPLUS in Nigeria, loveWorldTV in the United Kingdom and many others.

About the Zimbabwe Event

Pastor Chris’s meeting in Zimbabwe attracted many people from in and out of Zimbabwe. Many people registered to attend the Worship and Miracle Service (WCMS) in Zimbabwe. Unregistered people also came and were not charged. Many people streamed in the stadium to secure places before the arrival of Chris Oyakhilome.

The Global of Zimbabwe was ready with preparation team for the service before the actual day of deliverance. Church of The Church of Zimbabwe also held prayer rallies in anticipation of the amazing and powerful meeting with Pastor Chris.

Zimbabwe is a blessed country. It has the second International Church of WCMS after the one in the United Kingdom. Evangelist Eddy Owase and Tom Amenkhienan are core pastors of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. These pastors have contributed a lot to the success of the meeting in Zimbabwe.

Chris narrated that his message for Zimbabwe was more that what people expected. God was now ready to bless Zimbabwe despite the fact that it is a landlocked country. Chris also said that it was the best time for Zimbabwe to be healed and delivered. After all, this country is not God Locked. Many testimonies are expected from now henceforth after the successful meeting. The people of Zimbabwe are ready and expectant of God’s blessing.

Chained people were set free and received great miracles. Many things are expected from that time henceforth.