Why Should You Choose the National American Miss Pageant for Your Daughter?

A beauty pageant is a beauty pageant is a beauty pageant, right? The simple answer is no.  Not every “beauty” pageant is based solely on beauty, and not every pageant requires the same “judging” competitions. The National American Beauty Miss Pageant (NAM) is a different kind of pageant…a natural pageant if you want to know the truth.

National American Miss is the leading youth pageant venue in the U.S.  There is no swimsuit competition for any contestant and a “no-makeup” rule for contestants ages 12 and under. This allows kids to stay kids, instead of trying to act so grown-up.  NAM has a history of being the best in the business.  “We value the growing confidence, valuable experience, and overall life skills that our girls gain before and throughout the competitions”, says Tiffany Reilly, NAM Spokesperson.

Instead of making a contestant’s outward appearance a focal point, the heart of NAM relies instead on a girl’s self confidence, poise, and communication skills.  If fact, the only 4 categories in which the girls will be judged are 1) Formal Wear, 2) Personal Introduction, 3) Interview, and 4) Community Involvement.  The best part about NAM is that you don’t have to be a pageant veteran.  They welcome girls who have never experienced a pageant, or those who just want to try something new.

Each and every skill that a contestant learns, embraces and improves upon is utilized as a strong basis for a future profession.  All of the girls are taught such skills as interviewing, public speaking, and how to present themselves in front of an audience.  Many of NAM’s staff members are former contestants, winners, and even family members of contestants.  This “family” unit helps to ensure that the girls gain the skills they need to succeed, and that these skills are taught by those who know what competition is about.

Being able to meet other girls who have the same experiences, goals and dreams helps each contestant walk away with lifelong friendships.  Creating memories that will last a lifetime is what National American Miss is all about.