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Effective Capabilities Presentation for Business Sales There are two types of presentations in business to business (b2b) sales. One is the capabilities presentation and the other is the proposal presentation. If you want to be effective in your sales process, then it is important to understand what goes on into both of these presentations. This article will be all about capabilities presentation and what it is all about. Understanding the context of why capabilities presentation is important is the first thing we need to do. We need to understand the buying process that a prospect goes through before they make a decision to buy your product or service. In the buying process, the prospect usually goes through four steps. They buy you first. Then they get themselves convinced that this is a good company to buy products or services from. When convinced with the company, they look then at the product. Then they invest on your product. ON the second step of the buying process which is buying your company, this is where the capabilities presentation fits in.
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It is a generic type of presentation when doing capabilities presentation. You can create a totally customized capabilities presentation for large prospects if it is worth the time and the effort. You can use this presentation for other prospects by simply giving it small tweaks so that it will have a customizes feel for each prospect.
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What should be included in this presentation is information about your company. You should include a historical overview, type of products or service, company vision, company values, company philosophy, etc. If you feel it necessary, you include case studies in the capabilities presentation. Choose from among the case studies from several industries, the one that you think will be appreciated by your prospect. A brief bio of your experience and expertise should also be included. Presenting this capabilities presentation to your prospect has to be conversational. Dominating and doing all the talking is not the way to make the presentation. Ask questions that will bring your prospect into a dialogue with you. There are important questions that you can ask your prospective client. You can ask your prospective clients the ways he sees the company values mesh with his values. You can also ask your prospective client what experiences he has had with similar companies. The questions that you would like to ask the prospective client should be written down so that you come prepared for your presentation. If you take time to prepare your questions in advance, the quality of your meeting would greatly improve. If you make an excellent capabilities presentation, then you can proceed to the other steps of the sales process. This presentation will help build your own credibility and the credibility of your company. You will be effective in delivering your presentation if your follow the tips above.