Three secrets your local florists won’t tell you when you will send flowers to Colombia

 ‘Sure ma’am, this floral bouquet is available on discounted price.’ Several times you may have heard this statement from your local florist, and unfortunately, you believe it to be genuine and grab the offer. But what happens next day, the flowers you have bought from your nearest local floral shop are continued to dry and looks dull. Just because this ‘discounted bouquet’ wasn’t even fresh and they were selling this before it looks more dull and unattractive. That’s the sad reality of our floral shops these days. That’s why whenever it comes to send flowers to Colombia or any other country in the world, people prefer to go online and avail the chance to grab trendiest flowers coupled with right messages and thoughts.

So today, I am going to reveal some important secrets your local florists won’t tell you in any condition;

Ordering flowers at 12 am when looking to send flowers to Colombia:

Most of the local florists charge higher when you will order at 12 am. This is the peak time in many countries, and most of the people order to wish birthdays along with flowers to their loved ones. So these florists try to take advantage of the situation and tell you to buy them at discounted rates. That’s why if you are in the same situation, I would suggest you order flowers before midnight and if possible, search some online floral services to send flowers to Colombia in reliable rates. Going online would save you from multiple hassles, and you can get your bouquet delivered promptly.

Weekdays are best to send flowers to Colombia in feasible rates

There are many florists out there who misguide people by providing them some ‘so-called’ special discounts which are even much more expensive than regular weekdays. Most of the flower shops restock on Monday mornings, that’s why whenever you are looking to buy and send flowers to any other part of the world, you should choose weekdays especially from Monday to Thursday.

Think out of the box and choose trendy flowers in different varieties:

Every time you visit your local florists, you see different colors and styles of flowers. But the fact is, all of the flowers were old, and not even trendy. The reason is local florists are not in touch with the latest market trends; they only buy those bouquets which are available in discounted or cheap rates. And then they sell those bouquets at even more competitive prices. But when you consider choosing online floral services, you may find different varieties and styles of same flowers. You can even pick the flowers from different countries and cities and can discover their unique items which may amaze your loved ones on their special day.

There are some seasons when the rates of flowers increase tremendously, and we have no other option than buying them in those available rates. Those seasons may be the wedding season, Valentine season or birthdays from Sep to Dec. But when you carefully research on online services, you may find numerous ways to deliver your bouquet in customized and affordable way.