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When shopping online, reviews by other customers who purchased those items are one of the main ways to get information about a specific product. However, one must be quite cautious because sometimes the manufacturers of those items pay their employees to post glowing reviews for items which may be problematic. This can be quite a major problem, particularly if the items are something expensive such as a computer or even jewelry. One instance where reviews have played a role and still play a role in e-commerce is in regards to the Blue Nile and the reviews of their company.

The Blue Nile has been around for over ten years and has been selling jewelry online longer than any other online jeweler. Therefore, they are expected to have the best customer service and be more flexible than any other company. However, their reviews give a mixed picture that doesn’t paint a clear picture of the store.

In general, Blue Nile reviews are either positive or negative, and usually in extremes. Positive reviews tend to praise the customer service or the quality of the diamond, but usually are vague. Also, these reviews all sound quite similar, as if someone had been paid to write the reviews. However, there are positive Blue Nile reviews that clearly show an amount of originality that speaks of a positive experience. In this way, the company doesn’t appear to be making up information about itself. On the other hand, negative Blue Nile reviews are quite different.

Negative reviews tend to be significantly longer in length. Also, these reviews have much more information and very often contain personal information such as the amount spent on a given piece of jewelry and how the customer service treated them – consistently in a condescending and rude manner. This is something that is sorely lacking in positive reviews. However, this can be explained by the fact that those who do not call more than likely had a positive experience.

Because of all of this, Blue Nile reviews must be considered; however, it would be prudent for people to also do some research into the company before purchasing anything from them. This is a good idea because it seems that many of the negative Blue Nile reviews, are because the proper amount of research was not done, and people just relied on word of mouth, which is powerful but also can be incredibly biased, especially if one had a positive experience.

Colored diamonds are ever becoming even more popular now in the jewelry scene. These magnificent stones are hard to find though because of their rarity. Natural colored diamonds are unique and come in the faint to the deeper intense colors of canary, green, blue and violet.

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