The Importance of The Scorer Table in a Match

In a sport game a Scorer Table is required where the board shows the score of a match.Where in each game score (value) is great. Determine who is in control of the game in the game. Usually the score is written with a blackboard by a judge of the game. Surely it takes a long time and is not effective, other than that the score board is certainly not interesting to see.

In addition to the outcome of the match, time is also very decisive where time determines when the game ends. So the mistakes made by the jury of the game can be reduced by the addition of time facilities to the scoreboard in a match. The purpose of scoring board is to facilitate the recording of values ​​in an event (game) so that the recording of achievement values ​​can be done semi-automatically. Also adds to the beauty of a match.

Scoreboard itself there is a manual by changing its numbers one by one when one team get points, there is also a digital just by pressing the button only numbers on the display change according to the desired. Well now we will try to make a simple futsal scoreboard. Why futsal? Because many futsal practice sites that require display for the field that is leased by the manager of futsal. If the big field seems rare, but this can also be applied in large field really.

Well what should we prepare to make a simple futsal scoreboard it? Here are the components or spare parts that you should have first.Well after that first to install first data cable on panel led matrix to converter panel then plug to pin in video. Remember the power supply for the panel is also installed because without the power supply later the appliance will not be able to turn on.

A board of which there are numbers and lights that usually indicate the score or points in a game. The most common or often we meet is a scoreboard for football, futsal, badminton, volley and others. For those who want to make electronic scoreboard but not yet mastering micro controller programming, please continue reading this article. In this article will be discussed how to create electronic scoreboard without using micro controller. We only need to assemble the required components, after the assembling of the scoreboard is ready for use. In addition to the easier scoreboard that will be discussed this time is cheaper when compared with scoreboard. Scoreboard that will be made using IC 4026, the Decade Decer Counter / Dividers with Decoded 7-Segment Display Outputs. Some features of IC 4026 are:

  • Counter and Decoder 7-Segment in one pack, so direct output can be connected with 7-segment without using IC decoder.
  • Ideal for Low Power Display
  • Display Enable Out feature is a feature to display or hide the view.
  • Standardized symmetrical output characteristics.
  • The working voltage and output voltage output up to 18 volts, so it can turn on a large 7-segment.
  • Affordable prices.