Supplier for Wholesale Zipper Pulls and Zippers

Finding zippers wholesale online is a possibility thanks to sites like At times, you may need to order zippers in bulk for a large project, especially if you are in textile business. While most online suppliers can ship you a few items, when you need to buy stuff in bulk, you will notice that the zipper inventory of most online sites are not that rich.

You can buy any type of zipper at in bulk. The prices for bulk purchases are heavily discounted so you will benefit from a cost reduction if your project is a cost sensitive one. You can also buy zipper pulls from zipper shipper in bulk. They have different colors and varities of zipper pulls if you are looking for custom zipper pulls. Once you are on the category page, pick the color and shape of zipper pull you want, try to pick the material that you need and once everything is added to your shopping cart, the site is convenient enough for you to ship the items anywhere in the world thanks to their agreements with worldwide shipping companies. I myself was surprised after finding coat zippers online through this wonderful site. I was able to get my tailor to replace my coat zippers which broke on my last year.

For projects of large size, make sure to consider this size and feel free to get a custom quote from their customer service department.