Some Purses Have More History Than Others

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Many women carry bags that are designer. They may not know that some of these bags are named after famous women. They may not know the stories, which can make the history for these purses seem more alive. A person may even decide to buy this type of bag after learning the story. While these designer bags may seem expensive, the quality and story behind them will make them a must have. Whether it is emulating Princess Grace for her style, or thanking Jane Birkin for the ability not to carry more, these bags will gain value.

The Kelly

Many Hermes kelly bags have been around for decades. They are known for their quality and ability to hold quite a bit. They were not originally named after anyone. They became the bag of choice for actress, and then Princess, Grace Kelly. People, especially those in the spotlight, did not show they were pregnant in her day. She would use the bag to block the pictures showing her belly. One such photo made it to the cover of Life magazine. That was when Hermes decided to name Princess Grace’s favorite bag after her. People still want the bag to this day.

The Birkin

Jane Birkin is a talented woman. She has been an actress, model, singer, and songwriter. One day she flying from Paris to London when her bag fell to the floor, causing her papers to go everywhere. She and a fellow passenger talked about how the bag was not practical. The other passenger was the chairman of Hermes. He took the talk to his company, which designed the Birkin bag. This bag can hold what a lady needs without worrying about it ending up on the floor. Women have been thankful to her ever since.

Jackie Bag

Jackie Kennedy was used to the press, but it did not mean she liked always getting her photo taken by all the paparazzi that followed her. Even a former First Lady wants some privacy when going about town. Many times she would cover her face with her distinctive Gucci bag, that was a staple of her look. That caused Gucci to take notice of the many photographs that still got published. They ended up naming the purse she was known for after her. This favorite of the former first lady is still being made to this day.

Many famous companies want to get their names linked to famous people. While shoe people have just had the trend start recently in comparison, they were able to charge more because of big names helping design products. Purses and bags are no different. Some companies are trying to copy this success by doing this with modern women of fame. People want to have the style of Princess Grace or Jackie Kennedy. They want to show they are as busy as Jane Birkin. They do this with what accessories they have. Women are known for their purses. There are some that the purses are known for them.