Movie Costumes and the Influence they Hold

Movies are not just works of art. They are the embodiment of people’s stories in a different time, place or even both. They allow us to truly sense and know what the characters are feeling and bring us into their world. The clothing that these characters wear brings the full circle of how to understand the people, time and place where the movie takes place.

These characters have launched fandom and almost an eerie obsession with individuals that may or may not exist. To embody the personality and behavior of these roles is to dress and personify them through their famous attire. These legendary figures are done up at certain times of the year.

During Halloween or any comic’s convention, there is no better time than to party and dress up and show off a favorite costume. It is a time where wearing something outlandish and almost shocking is entirely acceptable and considered the norm. Movie costumes are some of the best inspiration for the portrayal of different characters.
The movie garbs are a large buyer’s market where people will shell out a pretty penny for specific movie wardrobes, especially if big stars wore in them in the movies. A lot of these fetch a significant dollar, and some people collect plenty of rare outfits. It is astonishing that people relish in the knowledge that they own these “artifacts.”

Even more so, if the average person cannot afford to buy the original attire, many can still purchase the same or very similar style of garments through online or brick and mortar stores for a definite statement at the functions they will attend. It seems that whatever big box office hit will be the fashion pieces that many people will choose to emulate for that year.

The wardrobe does not have to be just one single character either. Many costume ideas can use many different parts of the movie. These can be a group costume where people will band together and convey multiple concepts throughout the film. Even small sets and props can be utilized to indeed show the weight of the movie had on others in a large scale.

Don on your most creative and favorite outfit for an important party or a convention. Do not hold back when it comes to being imaginative and stylish with your apparel. The movies allow the effortless flow of fashion, flair, and charisma to trickle into the variety of the players in the film. Showcasing your appreciation for the art that they are is to be commended. The fact that art can have such a powerful hold over people is mind-blowing.

When it comes to movies influencing people’s dress, styles, designs, and trends, it happens more often than naught. There are numerous films where the fashion predisposed what people of that year or years to come were wearing. It seems almost surreal that a fictional person can have so much effect and impact on a generation and even generations to come.