In Style Editors reveal their style crushes

There’s always someone who blows you away and inspires you with their remarkable sense of fashion.

Here are what the In-Style magazine’s editors had to say about their style crushes.

1. Angelina Jolie


Fashion Editor, Melissa Rubini loves how Angelina Jolie’s style is a true reflection of her personality. She likes how Jolie’s style is the perfect example of classic and modern at the same time. Jolie always blows everyone away with her elegant yet sexy looks on the Red Carpet but she also has avery distinct taste for her casual attire as well.

When she’s not on the Red Carpet, Jolie is seen sporting semi-formal looks with plain white blouses and neutral colored bottoms such as navy blue peg pants or wide-leg trousers and she never forgets to slip on matching pointy-toed stilettos. She’s also spotted in chic pencil dresses and skirts to showoff her rocking body while remaining classy.

2. Carine Roitfeld

Market Director at InStyle magazine, Wendy Wallace, revealed Carine Roitfeld as her style crush saying that she has a special quality about her that lets her be sexy and chic simultaneously.

Like Jolie, Carine Roitfeld is also photographed in mostly neutrals, namely black dresses. She has been photographed numerous times donning little black dresses. She’s seamlessly pulled off all leather looks whether it is full leather midis or high-waisted leather pencil skirts.

On the Red Carpet, Roitfeld isn’t afraid to take risks and show skin by wearing outfits with sheer fabrics and revealing cuts.

3. Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy


Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy was Senior Fashion Writer, Priya Rao’s pick. According to Rao, Bessette-Kennedy embodies all-American chic and despite dressing mostly in neutrals,she was a trendsetter. Bessette-Kennedy almost always did wear blacks, navy blues, whites, and grays. Her ensembles usually consisted of a knee-high dress of skirt with long black boots. Even though she was part of the prestigious

Kennedy family, her ensembles usually had a more ‘street’ element to them including denims, sneakers and baseball caps.

4. Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Danielle Prescod, Accessories Editor of InStyle considers Rosie Huntington Whiteley her muse. This comes as no surprise as Whiteley epitomizes chic-street with her bomber jackets, skinny jeans, and knee-high leather boots.

She pairs her jeans with tucked-in loose-fitting t-shirts or flowy blouses. Every now and then she’s spotted in a tight-fitted mini skirt paired with ankleboots or stylish stilettos.

She’s also been spotted sporting bell-bottomed ankle-grazers which very few people can pull off.

On the Red Carpet, however, she switches up her casual street look for beautiful evening gowns, which fit tightly against her hips.

5. Alicia Vikander

Market Editor of In Style, Mia Solkin’s style crush is Alicia Vikander. According to Solkin, Vikander effortlessly pulls off the cool-meets-pretty look.

From maxi dresses to dress shorts, Vikander knows how to dress her petite figure. She knows how to mix and match odd pieces to make them work for her.

6. Tracee Elis Ross

Tracee Elis Ross is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite TV mom with her witty humor and grounded personality; she is Senior Credits Editor, Lashauna Williams’ style crush. Ross usually wears classy, figure-hugging dresses. She doesn’t shy away from wearing vibrant colors and bold print.

She is often seen wearing chunky boots and sneakers with her dresses which complement her fun and carefree personality.