How to make your brother feel special on his graduation day


Brothers are very close to our hearts and the day they graduate is the day we have been imagining our whole lives which calls for a grand celebration. It is a very special moment for your family as well as your brother who has worked so hard to come this far. Do not worry, we have put together some great ideas which you can use in order to make your baby brother feel special on his graduation day.

#1. Invite his friends over for a small get-together

Though, graduation is something we all look forward to, it is also the day when we have to leave all our friends behind and not be able to see them everyday for the rest of our lives. Therefore, for them to celebrate the special day with each other, you can invite some of his closest friends, do some arrangements, decorations, and just let them be. Surprise your brother after he comes home from his college with this small party for him. He is bound to get happy.

#2. Order in some delicious cake

Every party seems to be incomplete without some tasty and finger-licking cake. You can get it customized especially for him with the cake in the shape of the graduation cap. You can also get something like “Proud of you champ!” written on it. This gesture of yours is going to make him feel special as well as proud of himself. These days cake can be ordered online by clicking on options such as cake delivery in jaipur and online cake delivery in chandigarh.

#3. Time for some messages

You can go around and get some sweet messages written from his closest friends and then hang them from the ceiling in his room. When he comes back, he will be overwhelmed seeing all the love and seeing how much effort you have put in making this day so very special for him.

#4. Dinner date with family

You can also plan a superb family dinner where you can invite the closest family members so that all of you can celebrate the achievement of your baby brother together in one room. You can also make him cut the cake there. Ensure that the restaurant you choose is one of your brother’s favourite place. He will really like celebrating his day with the people who have made it possible.

#5. Gift him something meaningful

You can also gift him something that means something to him like your dad’s pen that he gave you when you graduated or something like a watch that he has been asking you from a long time. Anything that means to him will make him feel really special especially on this day and he will cherish it for a lifetime.

These are some of the ways in which you can make your brother feel special on the day he graduates. If there is anything you would like to add, go ahead and add it in the comments section below.