Good Matte Lipstick that is Safe and Long Lasting

Almost all women use lipstick, either when relaxing, working, or attending certain events, such as meeting colleagues or going to parties. You can try to choose the type of matte lipstick that is loved by many women today.

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Matte lipstick is considered more comfortable when used compared to other types of lipstick. Even so, make sure you know a few things before enjoy buying it, such as compatibility with skin color, has a moisturizer, lip type, price and brand.

For this reason, we present a number of safe and long-lasting matte lipsticks along with prices and reviews. But before that, we will share knowledge about matte lipsticks and their treatments.

Choose a lipstick color that matches the color of the skin

Each lipstick color must be adjusted to the color of your skin to look harmonious and not too contrasting. If you include people who have white skin color, then you should look for lipstick with nude, brown, pink, and red.

If you have a range of olive skin color, you can choose a slightly darker lipstick color to make it look more charming, it is recommended to choose peach, maroon, mauve, and orange brick lipsticks.

For those of you who have dark skin color, it would be better if you choose a purplish lipstick color, pink, and dark red, this color suits you. In terms of choosing the color of lipstick is actually quite easy, you only need to adjust to the range of your skin color.

Choose matte lipsticks that are equipped with lip moisturizers

This is a very important thing for you to pay attention to, especially if you always use matte lipstick every day. Therefore, choose matte lipsticks that contain moisturizers such as jojoba oil or argan oil.

Moisturizers are able to keep your lips moisturized, so you will avoid dry and chapped lips. In addition, matte lipstick with a moisturizing content will make you look fresh, good and does not show lip lines.

In addition to maintaining moisture, the moisturizing content of lipstick can also nourish your lips. The results certainly will not be immediately visible. However, you will realize the benefits later on.

Pay attention to the type of lips and the type of lipstick you choose

There are three types of matte lipsticks namely liquid, stick and crayon. Liquid is perfect for you who own dark lips, because this type of lipstick is able to provide full coverage. However, you should use lip balm before using liquid type lipstick, because the formula tends to make lips dry.

This type of matte stick lipstick is also called a solid lipstick. Lipstick sticks are considered the most comfortable to use because they don’t make lips dry. You can also adjust the desired color thickness by adjusting the number of layers used.

Another type of matte lipstick is a crayon lip that has a texture that is not too heavy. Lip crayon is perfect for students or beginners who lack confidence using bright colored lipstick.

How to treat matte lipstick

After you know a variety of things about matte lipstick, then you need to consider is how to care. The following are ways you can take care of matte lipstick to make it last longer:

  • Store matte lipstick in a dry place and keep it away from humid conditions.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, you can put it in bags, wallets, special make up equipment, and other safe places, such as your desk or cupboard.
  • Try not to put it on someone else’s lips.
  • Keep matte lipstick hygienic so it is safer when used.
  • Use a disposable wand to prevent entry of particles from outside the lipstick.
  • Cover the matte lipstick again when finished.