Five Tips to Consider Before Buying a Silky Pillowcase


A silk pillowcase is a removable fabric cover for the pillow that has an opening on both ends for inserting the pillow. Pillowcases enhance neatness by preventing accumulation of dirt that stick on the pillow. You can clean the pillowcases by removing them from the pillow. Silk pillowcases are of different quality, grades, sizes, and shapes. But anything that is silky and smooth and makes hair and face slide over the surface for a better sleep. Here some few factors that you ought to consider when buying a new silk pillowcase. Keep in mind that an educated buyer will always make a better selection.

Mulberry Silk

Most of the silk are made of silkworms fed mulberry leaves, though their silk made of the different approach. Mulberry leaves produce the strongest and excellent silk pillowcase. Therefore, when you are purchasing silk pillowcase, mulberry silk is the best choice for you, because it will fit your need of soft, silky and gentle pillowcase for your face and hair. Ensures that the seller or manufacturer specifies or confirms to you that you are buying mulberry silk.

Choose Silk Charmeuse Fabric

Most of the weaving style that people prefer is charmeuse. Charmeuse has a feature of lightweight fabric woven that has a satin weave. The warp threads cross over the backing weft. It can have the look of synthetic or silk. Silk charmeuse is costly and delicate, though it is soft and have a quality insulator. On the other hand, polyester charmeuse is less expensive and can be washed with a machine, though breathing is not as well as that of silk. Therefore, charmeuse is lighter and smooth.

The count of Thread

Enormously high thread counts are not always reliable, and therefore you should avoid them unless the seller or manufactures confirms to you the actual number of tread. Some producers can twist 2 or 3 threads together to form one yarn, and still use the figure of thread on thread count. That implies that a piece of fabric with count thread of 200 can be sold as having 400 or 600 count thread, due to the use of 2 or 3 threads that form one yarn. Therefore, the final product is something that is anonymous.

Be keen on stitching quality and design details

The design and stitching details are very crucial when purchasing silk pillowcase. Stitches that has invisible needles holes are the feature of selecting high-quality silk pillowcases. Nothing will influence the low friction when of sleeping surface of the pillowcase, guarding your hair against disorder and skin from scratch. The details of the design are also essential to the finest silk bedding.

The feel of silk pillowcases

Ensure you have a chance to feel the silk pillowcases before buying. If they are smooth and silky, you can buy. If you don’t feel softness, silky and glossy as your intentions were, don’t purchase them. Remember that your face will be against pillowcases, and you should feel comfortable. Therefore, the touch is vital.

If you consider these five tips, the searching task for your silk pillowcase will be well. Do not overlook the above tips as most buyers do. You should sleep in a fabulous pillowcase with all comforts. Remember that sleep is necessary for every human being.