Five Great Gifts For Men

Men can be notorious for hating to shop, but as a result, they sometimes get shortchanged when it comes to getting great gifts. While women are well known for loving flowers and chocolate, pinpointing exactly what makes a man’s heart melt can be a little more difficult. Here is a great gift giving guide to help you tell the man in your life he’s something special.

1. Craft Beer, Whiskey, Cigars

While not all men will love at least one of these (after all, not all women love flowers and/ or chocolate) it’s a pretty safe bet that your man’s heart will go pitter-patter over at least one of these. The best news is, each of these items comes in a wide range of prices. You can buy him a single premium cigar or go whole hog on an entire case. Craft beers can be bought for less than $10 at your local liquor store, or you can sign him up for a craft beer of the month through the Craft Beer Club. Similarly, whiskey has gone the same route with craft whiskeys. You can buy him a bottle of a well-known brand or an off-the-beaten-track craft whiskey.

2. Watches

Men are well known for loving gadgets and there is perhaps no greater gadget than a watch – particularly if it is packed with features. While some man may prefer the pared-down simplicity of an elegant automatic watch, others may love a diving watch with a wide range of bell, whistles and features. While your man may never have to suddenly jump out of a plane or dive for buried treasure at the bottom of the ocean, he likes to feel he would be prepared to. Best of all, watches don’t have to break the bank to offer the style, quality of features he most loves. In fact, here are some great mens watches under 100.

3. Shaving supplies

Shaving is something men often have to do every day, so there’s no reason they can’t do it in style. Ordinary razors from the grocery store can be so expensive they are locked up, so you can go the practical route if you like and just get him a good razor and a value pack of refill razor blades. On the other hand, you can also make shaving every day a special event by buying him a luxury razor from Classic Shaving. You can help him bring out his inner James Dean with a classic luxury safety razor or maybe he’d like to go full on John Wayne with a straight razor. Classic shaving also offers a wide variety of brushes, creams, aftershaves and even beard oil for men that prefer to go sans shave!

4. Gadgets

Men often love to be ahead of the curve when it comes to new products. If your man is a lover of unique, one-of-a-kind novelty gifts, then you can probably find the perfect gift for him at The Grommet or UncommonGoods. Uncommon Goods is a website specifically geared towards men, while The Grommet simply features unique and unusual products for everyone, including pets.

5. Electronics and Tech

It cannot be denied, men love their electronics and technology. Whether it is video gaming systems, movie screen sized flat-screen TV’s with a surround sound stereo system or the latest apps on their latest model iPhone, men are cuckoo for electronics and technological gear. Whether it’s a remote controlled land & sea rover, a smart home patrol robot, or lights that turn on and off with voice commands, there is a wide variety of gadgets and gear available all over the internet of things.