Fashion Trends and Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Currently we are in the fall season and different fashion agencies are beginning to roll out their brand new fashion items to buyers looking for the next best thing to wear. As winter approaches, we will also begin to see the “ugly Christmas sweaters” craze that hits people every year. There are office and house parties dedicated completely to who can wear the ugliest sweater, and sometimes the sweaters become more than just a piece of clothing. In this article, we will be discussing some of the fashion trends that have occurred in the 2018 seasons, as well as some of the ugliest Christmas sweaters we’ve seen.

Fashion Trends and Christmas Sweaters

Fashion trends are sought after by thousands of people. In cities like Paris, Monaco, and New York, fashion shows attract celebrities and high-status individuals from all over the world because the majority of the population is not invited, and quite frankly would not be able to afford the items being showcased by the models on the runway. If you can however, let’s look at some of the fashion trends that have been all over the media in the past ten months of 2018:

  • Big Balenciaga Shoes
  • Latex Women’s Dresses
  • See-Through Shoes and Coats
  • The Man Bag and Fanny Pac
  • Ski Mask Sunglasses

Probably the biggest trend was the big Balenciaga Triple S shoe cult-like following that occurred in late 2017 and continues up until the end of this year. Though personally, we believe the Triple S shoes are ugly, the trend picked up and people were buying them out of stock from every retail and online store, simply because everyone else was wearing them. The other shoe craze was the sock shoes by Balenciaga, again, which had the same effect for young people.

We can see the use of latex skirts, tops, and dresses from celebrities like the Kardashians, as well as in music videos like “Motorsports” with Nicki Minaj. See-through coats, man bags and fanny packs, and the large skiing sunglasses are all popularized initially by either a model or superstar, and mostly on Instagram. The trend that will continue for years to come, however, is that of the Christmas sweater. The ugliest we have seen is not actually a sweater, but someone actually making themselves into a Christmas tree, with real spheres hanging from their sweater, a glowing red nose, and elf shoes.


In conclusion, in this article we discussed some of the fashion trends that happened in the year 2018. These included big shoes, latex clothing, see-through jackets, and man purses and fanny packs. The trend that has maintained itself has been that of the Christmas Sweater and it is bound to continue until we either no longer have Christmas celebrations, or we evolve past wearing physical clothing, until then, we will laugh and compete with each other to see who has the ugliest sweater at the party.