Learning to Play the Piano

Music is one of the most beloved of all forms of the arts. People love to listen to music. They also love to make music. Musicians can help lift people’s moods and give them a sense that the world is a great place. One of the best ways to appreciate music is by learning to make it. People who can read music, play an instrument and perform in front of others are likely to continue to enjoy and appreciate all forms of music no matter what they choose to do in life. Anyone of any age can start to learn to play music. Even older people can learn to play all sorts of compositions. One of the most popular of all instruments that people master is the piano.

A Piano in Your Home

For many people, the impetus to learn to play the piano comes from having a …

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Your Home Should Be Safe

Personal safety and security are one of the most critical aspects of human life. And it is particularly important in people’s homes. It doesn’t matter how big or small your home is, you want it to be the place of safety and tranquility. It this security is violated, people lose confidence. It is not so much a material loss of objects; it is an emotional loss of a safe space. Therefore, people take it very seriously and make sure they take precautions and different measures to ensure this safety of their home. It is also an aspect the whole society must take a keen interest in especially where the areas are rural.

Modern technology is one of the advancements people use to make their homes safer, and it is precisely the right thing to do among others. Adding security cameras outdoors, security systems and safes indoors, working with different companies …

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Zimbabwe’s experience with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the founder of Believers LoveWorld international. He hails from Nigeria, Africa. Chris is a minister of the Gospel. He is Spirit-filled, anointed and performs great miracles in his ministry. Oyakhilome is a healing priest, teacher of the word, best-selling author, and television host. He teaches people about the word with the manifestation of God’s presence. Chris wants to continue with his work of the Gospel for more than 30 years coming. For dedicated Christians, Chris will help in attaining gifts of the spirit, and this is one way of a true Christian to grow spiritually.

For many years now, Chris Oyakhilome is popular for holding many great and healing crusades in various parts of the world. One of his great meetings took place in Nigeria, Africa. There were more than three million people in that single night event. Pastor Chris helped these people to discover the …

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