Cakes You Must Look Out for Impressing or Proposing Your Love

Someone rightly said that love is the best drug ever happened to human beings. Without love a life is meaningless. Love gives us strength and power. It not only makes us feel good but also changes us for the good. However bad a person can be, he/she starts changing himself/herself for betterment. The best day of celebrating this love is Valentine’s Day. Of course, all the other days of the year are also special to express love or enjoying in the sensation of love but when it is the Valentine’s Day the spirit of love sees a new height altogether. So, to celebrate this very special day, here are some Valentine cakes options for you that you must bring for your sweetheart.

Red Velvet Cake for celebrating 5 years of love:

This is the most interesting cake in the block. The mesmerizing color of this cake makes it the most endearing cake for celebrating Valentine’s Day. Love knows no boundaries and expressing your truest feelings should also be fearless. After spending 5 years together with each other, you must have known each other like no one else knows you two. Get a red velvet cake for this very auspicious day and get drenched into the eternal love. The taste of this red and white cake would make the Valentine evening worth remembering.

Black Forest Cake for new love:

Got a new love interest after aching break up? Or fallen in love for the very first time? When you have found a new special someone to love, Black Forest is that cake type that would increase the closeness between you and your lover. This cake is made out of chocolate and a bit of raspberry juice and garnished well with cherries and whipped cream. So, can there be any better cake to propose?

Mango Cheesecake for 10 years of togetherness:

Mango Cheesecake is a smooth cake and carries a sweet and slow essence which is perfect for someone who is celebrating 1 years of closeness. In ten years you must have known each other a lot and worked on each other’s weaknesses to make the other a better person. Enjoying a smooth, creamy, and very soft piece of mango cheesecake on this Valentine’s would be a picture perfect moment for you. So, don’t forget to frame it.

Vanilla Sponge Cake for newly-married couples:

A vanilla sponge cake can be called the most basic cake and generally easily available anywhere. To make any lavish cake, first of all a vanilla sponge cake is prepared and then several layers of chocolates, sprinklers, fondant, colors, or other decorative items are attached. Now, why this is the perfect cake for newly married couples? A newly married couple is going to start a life about which both of them is uncertain. They are unknown how to paint the blank canvass just like the vanilla sponge cake which can be decorated as per desires. So, all the newly married couples can get a plain vanilla sponge cake as their Valentine day cakes and start a colorful life ahead.