7 Ways To Spot The Difference Between A Real Man And A Wannabe Gentleman

Every woman wants to have a real man in her life. However, our society does not consist of only one type of men – smart, genuine, responsible, and honest. In addition to these true guys, there are wannabes. A wannabe is a person who has abilities like other men, however, they are not able to realise their own potential. In many aspects of our everyday life, you may meet these people. They play at something rather than deliver. Thus, when you date, you have to distinguish these two kinds of guys efficiently. Read more here if you want to meet the real men.

No proper aims- You may see that a wannabe does not have any clear aim or goal in life. They never set any time limits or targets and do not create any plans. However, they keep on wondering why all members of opposite sex do not give attention to them.

Get all answers from a true guy– This trait is the same for the women. However, nowadays, it’s a little hard to find such a person. If you are engaged in any relationship, you have to make your better half aware of everything that you desire. The real partner will not dance around an answer to a question. It always saves the other one from becoming frustrated.

Procrastination is a trait of wannabes- Wannabes always try to put off their work. Thus, they wait for it to get completed with no effort on their part. Many others also say for consolation that they require more money and education for doing something. In addition to it, they also charge their other halves for wasting their precious time.

Real guys offer support in every aspect

A true man will want you to become the best person without altering your personality. It is acceptable to make some changes in life for making a relationship work better. However, do not transform your identity completely. Every reliable guy inspires a woman to make a step forward. For instance, if you feel nervous before attending a meeting with the boss, your dream man will give you confidence and soothe you as much as possible.

Improvement is rare in wannabes– Wannabes do not like to spend time learning, challenging themselves, or questioning things. They rely on their original talents. They hardly get the taste of success. At times, they also think themselves to be superior.

Wannabes do not want others’ help – Usually, a wannabe likes to prove that he is very smart. But sometimes, he is just overconfident and it is the major mistake on his part.

Wannabe doesn’t remain active all the time– Brilliant people always have fresh ideas in their minds. If someone does not want to stay active and find new ideas, it is possible he is a wannabe.

So, you may meet a real man on the online websites. You will surely find the right person thanks to online dating.