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Erasing Everything on Your Hard Drive There are few things that have changed our lives quite as much as the computer. Computers have had such a profound affect on society in a relatively short period of time, just a few decades. The speed at which computers are improving is amazing and it seems every year there is a new options that offers more processing power and speed. When you are looking to upgrade and get a new computer, your older unit is still going to have some value. You are going to be able to sell it and get some money to lower the cost of your upgrade. But, when you sell your computer you do not want to include all of the data that you have saved on it over the years. Before you sell your computer you are going to want to know how to degauss a hard drive. There are many components inside of a computer that are going to serve a dedicated function. When you download data or software onto your computer, it is going to go onto your computer’s hard drive. If you have been using your computer for work or for personal finances, your hard drive may contain data that you do not want other people to see. If you use a software program to wipe your hard drive, that data can still be restored off your hard drive. If you want to be sure that your hard drive is wiped clean, you are going to want to know how to degauss a hard drive. When you want to degauss your hard drive, you are going to make it so none of the information on it can ever be accessed again. Data degaussing is a process where the hard drive is exposed to a controlled magnetic field. When the magnet neutralizes the information on your HDD it makes it so the data on it is completely erased.
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If you want to be able to do data degaussing, you are going to need to get the proper tool. When you have a portable degausser, you can simply insert your hard drive inside and it will quickly erase all of the information. You are going to be able to go online and find many portable degaussers that you can use to erase the information that is on your hard drive.
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When you are disposing of an older computer, you do not want someone to be able to take personal information off of it. Using software to erase a hard drive does not actually eliminate the data. You can make it so none of the data on your hard drive is accessible by doing data degaussing.