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Month: April 2017

Five Great Gifts For Men

Men can be notorious for hating to shop, but as a result, they sometimes get shortchanged when it comes to getting great gifts. While women are well known for loving flowers and chocolate, pinpointing exactly what makes a man’s heart melt can be a little more difficult. Here is a great gift giving guide to help you tell the man in your life he’s something special.

1. Craft Beer, Whiskey, Cigars

While not all men will love at least one of these (after all, not all women love flowers and/ or chocolate) it’s a pretty safe bet that your man’s heart will go pitter-patter over at least one of these. The best news is, each of these items comes in a wide range of prices. You can buy him a single premium cigar or go whole hog on an entire case. Craft beers can be bought for less than $10 … Read more