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A Few Good Men

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Improv 28 Sept @ 6pm in 2w1

The Improveteers are having an open practice this Sunday 28th at 6pm in 2W1! Come along to try...

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A brief description as to what the adventures of a white rabbit have to do...

Improv anyone ?

The Improveteers are having an open practice this Sunday 28th at 6pm in 2W1! Come...

New Show Liaison Officer !

Congratulations to Megan Milne who was elected to be the new show liaison officer following...

Cast List - A Few Good Men

Here is the cast list for this semesters main play "A Few Good Men". A...


Creative Hovel

No one dies at the end by Isaac Henderson

No one dies at the end by Isaac Henderso …

Creative Hovel  - avatar SUDS

Scene opens on a bus stop. A pole explaining the fact that it is a bus stop sits back middle of the stage. A man is standing a metre or so to the right of the bus stop.Scene contains two characters. Glaswegian 1 is already at the bus stop, Glaswegian 2 is the one who enters, they both have incredibly harsh Glaswegian accents.

[Enter stage left Glaswegian 2 and stands a metre or so to the left of the bus stop.]


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Voodoo Floor by Rowan Birkett

Voodoo Floor by Rowan Birkett

Creative Hovel  - avatar SUDS

Emily and Sarah stand at one side of the stage. Throughout the sketch Emily is holding a covered coffee cup with straw in, Alex stands at the other side of stage.

Emily: Do you want to know something incredible?

Sarah: Yeah, go on

Emily: This floor (pause) is magic

Sarah: What?

Emily: It's a voodoo floor

Sarah looks at Emily sceptically

Emily: Watch this


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